Press Releases

Authorities asked to drop terrorism charges against the El Hiblu teenagers

The Migrants Commission, JRS Malta and the Justice and Peace Commission urge the authorities to drop the charges brought against three youths who are being prosecuted for terrorism.

Then aged 15, 16, and 19, the three youths were part of a group of over 100 men, women and children who were rescued by cargo ship El Hiblu 1 on 26 March 2019. The rescue was coordinated by an EU naval operation that ordered the ship to take the rescued persons back to Libya… Read more »

Peace is possible. Peace is the only way.

The peaceful elections of November 2020 in Myanmar were widely acknowledged as free and fair and they gave the new government a mandate and obligation to pursue the inclusive economic and social goals for which it was elected.

However, one month ago today, on 1 February, Myanmar’s military seized power, after detaining its democratically elected leaders from the governing National League for Democracy (NLD) party… Read more »

Responsibility for the whole supply chain

Brussels, 10 February 2021

The International Family of Catholic Social Justice Organizations (CIDSE), Pax Christi International and Justice & Peace Europe, with the support of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (COMECE), welcome the initiative of the European Commission to prepare new EU legislation on supply chains.

The proposed legislation would legally require companies to protect internationally recognised human rights and the environment in the development, production and distribution of commodities… Read more »

Human Rights – key to a just recovery from the pandemic

At the end of this year nearly 70 million people will have been infected by Covid-19 worldwide and more than 1.5 million will have died in relation to the virus. In Europe 14 million people were infected and 350.000 people died because of or with the virus. Our health systems are tested to their limits, the economy is in the middle of a severe recession, poverty and unemployment are on the rise again, cultural life is severely limited, religious services are restricted in many countries, sometimes unduly… Read more »

The Common Good of the Seas

On World Ocean’s Day, today 8th June 2020, the Justice & Peace Commission (JP) began working on raising awareness on the Maltese seas and shores, inspired from the European action plan launched by Justice and Peace Europe about the Common Good of the Seas.

The Commission, which contributed in drafting the document of the action plan, has examined its propositions and particularly looked at those issues that are most relevant for Malta… Read more »



As Maltese society hopefully approaches the end of the partial lockdown, the Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Malta would like to reflect on the importance of open spaces available to all. This is being done in the same week in which we are celebrating the fifth anniversary of the publication of the Encyclical Laudato si’ by Pope Francis, “On the Care of Our Common Home”… Read more »

Water – a source of life and an essential element for human integral development

Living on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, it is perhaps very easy to take water for granted.  Water surrounds us everywhere we go.  It is very easy to just open the tap and find water suitable for drinking. It is hard to imagine that around the world an estimated two billion people do not have easy access to clean, drinkable water.  Although a huge proportion of the earth’s surface consists of water in the form of oceans and the seas, only about 1.2% of this water is accessible as freshwater in lakes, swamps and rivers.  Yet, the availability of this water is unevenly distributed around the world and many times it is not suitable for drinking due to pollution and other contaminants.  Industrial processes have placed an increased demand for freshwater.  Water is a common good and a fundamental human right, but there are instances where this right is not respected.  A recent document issued by the Vatican entitled Aqua fons vitae (Water is a source of life), rightfully explores this fundamental aspect of water for the promotion of human dignity and integrity of human development.  Management of water resources can find a strong inspiration in Catholic Social Teaching especially in themes relating to human dignity, solidarity, justice, the universal destination of goods, subsidiarity, common good, integral ecology, integral human development and the preferential option of the poor.  Indeed, water represents an area that allows us to put into practice evangelical principles for the good of humankind.  

Water also has a religious value.  The Bible makes various references to water, 1500 verses to be exact.  Some notable passages which involve water include the passage of creation and various instances of healing… Read more »



Inthis time of crisis, described by many as a war footing of historical significance, when the country is shutting down and preparing for the days ahead, we urge the authorities to take further concrete measures to ensure that people living in poverty are not left without the basic necessities for a dignified life.

We are extremely concerned about the impact that the coronavirus outbreak will have on the most vulnerable members of our society… Read more »

The Reform on Human Trafficking and Prostitution

The Archdiocese of Malta, through the Justice & Peace Commission of and Caritas Malta, have participated in the presentation of a joint submission to the Maltese Government, on the proposed reform for the legalisation of prostitution and human trafficking.

The joint submission, endorsed by several organisations, speaks of three main goals that are complementary and cannot be enacted separately, essential for the human dignity of the victims to be safeguarded. 

  • To decriminalise those who are prostituted ‑ Conscious of the fact that most sex workers are caught up in prostitution against their will and are the main victims of a broken system which enslaves them.  They should not be criminalised or victimised further for the abuse they endure…
  • Read more »

Budget 2020: Thinking of the long-term common good

In the light of the recently published Pre-Budget Document 2020, ‘Sustaining Inclusive Growth’, the Church’s Justice and Peace Commission welcomes the Government’s invitation for feedback and has formulated a number of observations and recommendations, which it is hereby presenting for further consideration. The recommendations have been categorised in three groupings tied to the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and also through direct stakeholder consultations with Church organisations working with various societal groups… Read more »