Inthis time of crisis, described by many as a war footing of historical significance, when the country is shutting down and preparing for the days ahead, we urge the authorities to take further concrete measures to ensure that people living in poverty are not left without the basic necessities for a dignified life.

We are extremely concerned about the impact that the coronavirus outbreak will have on the most vulnerable members of our society… Read more »

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Blue eyes, brown, green or grey.  Blonde hair, auburn, brown or black.  Light or dark skinned.  Can it be more colourful than this?  We live in a world that embraces the beauty of all these colours, mixed and intertwined in a way that create unique hues.  There is no pink without red and white and similarly no green without yellow and blue.  In a way colours are interdependant and each colour is necessary… Read more »

Everything is in Relationship, Everything is Connected.

Read this reflection by Fr Joseph Hili currently living in Milan, which is one of the worst hit cities by the coronavirus epidemic in Italy. Inspired by Pope Francis’s words that “Everything is in relationship, everything is connected”, he makes us realise and appreciate the importance of our mundane tasks, whilst asking what is really important in our daily lives Read more »

Stop, Look & Listen

[1]Stop, look and listen.

See how wonderful it is.

But don’t think just yet.

For thoughts can be beautiful pathways,

But they can also make you forget.

Be still, look, and listen.

Even a mind must rest to create its best.

So, do not worry, dear heart, head, and hands,

You will have your season to work and to play… Read more »

Justice and Peace Europe General Secretaries Meeting in Nicosia. 21-23 of February 2020.

Daniel Darmanin participated in the Meeting of the secretaries general of Justice and Peace Europe held in Nicosia between the 21st and 23rd of February. The meeting was also attended by  two delegates from the Holy See and members of the newly set up Cypriot commission. 

The delegates were welcomed by the Cypriot Maronite Archbishop, Joseph Antoine Soueif, who on behalf of the episcopal conference of Cyprus is responsible for Justice & Peace.   The Archbishop has been working for two years to set up the Commission, and the meeting served as the launching event… Read more »

International Day of Prayer against Human Trafficking

On this international day of prayer against human trafficking it is the right occasion to remember those who are still suffering due to such activity.  Over the years, human trafficking has been witnessed under various forms and conditions, however it still carries the same devastating and destroying effects.  A living example of this, is the story of St Josephine Bakhita, the patron saint of human trafficking survivors… Read more »

The need of a Sensitive Heart.

This week all Christians come together to pray for Christian Unity that is to fulfil Christ’s wish that all those who believe in His message are united (John 17, 20-21). This comes at a time, when our unity even within the Catholic Church is increasingly challenged.  

In the search for Christian Unity and reconciliation we are often challenged to rethink how we perceive the other’s traditions and cultures.  This demands the need of a ‘Sensitive Heart’.  Compassion, understanding and social commitment towards the environment, the poor, the emarginated are the beliefs that unite nations, cultures and even religions… Read more »

Relaunch of the Commission’s website

On the occasion of World Peace Day (1st Jauary 2020), the Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Malta launched its re-vamped website, and social media platforms.

During the past year, the commission continued to promote its message in the service of the integral development of our society. Apart from this contribution, the Commission has been working on strengthening and modernising itself to be able to communicate more effectively its message of justice and peace, in a digital age… Read more »

Indigenous peoples are a living appeal for hope

On the occasion of the Human Rights Day (10 December 2019), the Executive Committee of Justice & Peace Europe issued a statement entitled “Indigenous peoples are a living appeal for hope” focusing on the rights of indigenous peoples and of those defending them. The selection of this theme was inspired by the Synod on the Amazon, recently concluded in Rome.

Whilst the plight of indigenous people might seem as something remote, it is worth noting that many times, our daily choices have a direct impact on these peoples, and there are ways how we could help these minorities who are suffering because of injustice in the world… Read more »

Economy of Francesco: Young People, a commitment, the future.

In today’s global economic circumstances, both the environment and human dignity are at stake, with concerns for the well-being of current and future generations. The current growth models are incapable of guaranteeing respect for the environment, openness to life, family concerns, social equality, and workers’ dignity.  This is reflected in the teaching of Pope Francis, who has vigorously criticized the pathological state of the global economy, referring to it as an “economy that kills”… Read more »