Peace is possible. Peace is the only way.

The peaceful elections of November 2020 in Myanmar were widely acknowledged as free and fair and they gave the new government a mandate and obligation to pursue the inclusive economic and social goals for which it was elected.

However, one month ago today, on 1 February, Myanmar’s military seized power, after detaining its democratically elected leaders from the governing National League for Democracy (NLD) party… Read more »

Responsibility for the whole supply chain

Brussels, 10 February 2021

The International Family of Catholic Social Justice Organizations (CIDSE), Pax Christi International and Justice & Peace Europe, with the support of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (COMECE), welcome the initiative of the European Commission to prepare new EU legislation on supply chains.

The proposed legislation would legally require companies to protect internationally recognised human rights and the environment in the development, production and distribution of commodities… Read more »

‘A world without fraternity is a world of enemies’

On World Day of Human Fraternity (4th of February), Pope Francis joined Grand Imam of Al Azhar – Ahmad Al-Tayyeb on a virtual event hosted in Abu Dhabi. This event marked the culmination of a joint effort by the Pope and the Grand Imam to foster fraternity, solidarity, respect and mutual understanding between people of different beliefs.

According to Cardinal Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot MCCJ, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, “This celebration responds to a clear call that Pope Francis has been making to all humanity to build a present of peace in the encounter with the other.”

Pope Francis has also encouraged the Holy See to join in the celebration of International Human Fraternity Day under the leadership of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue… Read more »

So that peace may reign on earth

On January 1, the Catholic Church celebrates World Day of Peace. Interestingly, in this year’s message, the Pope linked the concept of peace with a virtue that is necessary to reach this ideal world – that of care, meaning the ability to open one’s eyes and to listen to all those who need help. We need to create an environment of fraternity and solidarity between all members within society… Read more »

Human Rights – key to a just recovery from the pandemic

At the end of this year nearly 70 million people will have been infected by Covid-19 worldwide and more than 1.5 million will have died in relation to the virus. In Europe 14 million people were infected and 350.000 people died because of or with the virus. Our health systems are tested to their limits, the economy is in the middle of a severe recession, poverty and unemployment are on the rise again, cultural life is severely limited, religious services are restricted in many countries, sometimes unduly… Read more »

Genius Vitae – Universitas Experientiae

Fr. Joseph Hili

On the 9th of December we will launch Genius Vitae. This is an interdisciplinary research project, the aim of which is to identify, narrate and share stories of organisations from all over the world. As part of my studies in Milan I came to know the Centre for Anthropology of Religion & Cultural Change within the Università Cattolica del Sacro CuoreRead more »

The Economy of Francesco

A prolific time for generative processes

The ‘Economy of Francesco’, virtually held in Assisi from 19th to 21st November 2020 left an important legacy of hope with thousands of young economists, entrepreneurs and change-makers from 115 countries committed to stop “that economy that kills” and to generate a new cultural, economic, social and political system. Those three days were rich in points of reflections, coming from different seminars and workshops… Read more »

A cry for peace and justice in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s Tigray region is currently experiencing a serious escalation of violence, leading to grave human rights and international humanitarian law violations. Several hundred civilians have been killed and over 40,000 Ethiopians have been forced to flee into neighbouring Sudan to save their lives. The United Nations has raised alarm over severe food shortages in the region, as more than a million people are now estimated to be displaced, including more than 100.000 refugees from Eritrea… Read more »

The Church launches “Beyond GDP” together with EY, Seed Consultancy and APS Bank

The Justice and Peace Commission has repeatedly promoted the need for our country to reassess its economic model towards a more holistic measurement of economic growth that does not depend solely on Gross Domestic Product. This will in turn guarantee the adequate consideration and full respect towards the environment and quality of life of all citizens.

Inspired by the international event “The Economy of Francesco” which is currently being held in Assisi, the Justice and Peace Commission has launched the initiative, Beyond GDP, in collaboration with the local branches of the Focolare Movement and the Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice Foundation, together with EY and Seed Consultancy, and the support of APS Bank… Read more »

“Those who do not live to serve, serve for little in this life.”

Yesterday the Catholic Church celebrated the World Day of the Poor. The chosen theme for this year was “Stretch forth your hand to the poor” (Sir 7: 32), inviting an openness to people in need, especially in the difficult times of the pandemic. 

Who are the poor we need to stretch forth our hands to? 

According to a local survey, 20% of the Maltese population are struggling financially… Read more »