“Those who do not live to serve, serve for little in this life.”

Yesterday the Catholic Church celebrated the World Day of the Poor. The chosen theme for this year was “Stretch forth your hand to the poor” (Sir 7: 32), inviting an openness to people in need, especially in the difficult times of the pandemic. 

Who are the poor we need to stretch forth our hands to? 

According to a local survey, 20% of the Maltese population are struggling financially… Read more »

International Workshop of Justice and Peace Europe 2020

The Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions (Justice and Peace Europe) held its annual International Workshop and General Assembly between the 10th and 12th October in an online format. Fifty participants from over twenty different countries and commissions were involved. The Maltese Commission was represented by Daniel Darmanin who also sits on the executive committee of JP Europe. Fr. Carlo Calleja also took part in the international workshop… Read more »

Appreciating our elderly

Whilst the general consensus is such that living to an old age is a blessing, not a curse, the recent spike in Covid-19 deaths has given rise to a heated debate about our elderly and their role within society. Listening to the ever-increasing number of deaths of old people, one will most definitely come across remarks which show a lack of empathy as we blame the natural cycle of life for their death… Read more »

Renewal of the Commission

A few days ago, Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna issued a decree to renew the Justice & Peace Commission. Architect Daniel Darmanin has been renominated as president of the Commission, a role which he has served for the past three years. Walance Buttigieg Scicluna, Katrine Camilleri, and John Paul Cauchi have been renewed as members of the commission. Fr. Carlo Calleja, Maria Cardona and Daniela Debono have been appointed as new members… Read more »

Peace and Justice for Belarus

Statement of the Executive Committee of Justice & Peace Europe on the current situation in Belarus.

Following the Presidential election in Belarus held on 9 August 2020, thousands of protesters took to the streets to reject the election results as manipulated, leading to violent clashes with the country’s security forces. According to reports, the disproportionate violence deployed by Belarusian authorities has cost at least two lives and caused hundreds of injuries… Read more »

The Prophetic Message of Laudato Si ‘

It is often said many times that Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si’, on the protection of our common home, conveys a prophetic message. This means that it stimulates discussion, challenges hard-set ways of thinking, and leads individuals and society at large to a thorough examination of conscience.

One of the controversial points raised by the encyclical is that on population growth, which the Pope addresses in paragraph 50… Read more »

Faith which leads to action

This weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, and this year we do so with greater joy because after a long time we can celebrate the Eucharist together again. But the Eucharist is not just about going to mass and receiving Holy Communion; it must be translated into commitment for others. In Christ’s words by feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, and more… Read more »

30 years from Pope John Paul II’s meeting with the Maltese Workers.

Thirty years ago, the Maltese islands were blessed with the pastoral visit of Saint John Paul II, a visit fondly remembered by many till this day. During his visit he had several encounters and gave numerous speeches. One of those was his encounter with the workers in Cospicua.

Pope John Paul II spoke about what he describes as the “Gospel of work”, which holds that all honest labour, competently carried out, has an innate dignity and confers dignity on those engaged in it.  … Read more »

The Seamless Garment

An Antidote against Helplessness in a Globalised World

Moments of crisis are always moments of change. Whether they turn out to be moments of growth or of regression, however, depends entirely on us. While Malta, like the rest of the world, was straining to keep the COVID-19 pandemic under control, it was being challenged by another not unfamiliar issue. Stranded in its seas and pleading entry into its ports were children, women and men crammed on flimsy crafts, seeking brighter futures in Europe for themselves and for their loved ones still trapped in their beleaguered homelands… Read more »

Simplicity is the Key for a flourishing family and a thriving society

On this day dedicated to the family, we ought to take some time to stop and reflect on this very important reality that forms the bedrock of our society. It is within the family that one learns that mutual respect, justice, dialogue and love are essential for successful coexistence.  If one proves to be responsible and to practice solidarity in the “little things”, it will be more likely to do so “in big things” too.  The family thereby makes an irreplaceable contribution to the “humanization of society” (C… Read more »