The war in Israel – a story of injustice and terror

“I’m Dina, I am proud to have lived through these hardships, I am proud to be Palestinian”

The world watches as fighting continues to escalate between Israel and Hamas, the militant group that runs the Gaza strip. This war, which has been raging for eight days, has already killed 192 people, including 58 innocent children.

Tension between Israel and Gaza has been escalating for months… Read more »

Justice and Faith

André P. DeBattista

One of Pope John Paul II’s most impressive speeches  was in Agrigento, Sicily when on May 9, 1993 he categorically condemned the mafia and all associations related to the mafia. He described the Sicilians as a people who love and cherish life and who, therefore, cannot live in the shadow of an organization that promotes the culture of death… Read more »

The Economy of Francesco

A prolific time for generative processes

The ‘Economy of Francesco’, virtually held in Assisi from 19th to 21st November 2020 left an important legacy of hope with thousands of young economists, entrepreneurs and change-makers from 115 countries committed to stop “that economy that kills” and to generate a new cultural, economic, social and political system. Those three days were rich in points of reflections, coming from different seminars and workshops… Read more »

Xandru’s experience

“Everything is about linking the Gospel to life” Rutilio Grande SJ preached in one of his last homilies, a few months before he was assassinated. “Faith only became real in action – faith was never only an idea…the Gospel is closely linked to your life.” These words of a man well on the way to being made a saint of the Catholic Church are, for me, a timeless call to action… Read more »

Lara’s experience

From the first day at sixth form the slogan ‘Men and women for others’ was constantly repeated and emphasised, reiterated during some lessons and speeches. It is a quote taken from Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ, highlighting the importance of social awareness. The ‘others’ he mentions involves every human being, especially those who have been ‘othered’ by society such as migrants.

Currently, it is relatively easier to be individualistic, to aim towards self-interest rather than the interest of society as a whole… Read more »