Good Politics is at the Service of Peace

Youth involvement greater at the community level than in politics

A survey showed that youth have a greater probability of involving themselves at the community level than in politics. Their interest in politics decreases as they grow older. The survey also showed that female youth look at community engagement in a more positive light and participate more than male youth in community initiatives and activities.

This research study, conducted among 498 youth aged between 16 and 25 years, is the first phase of a project being implemented by Discern – the institute for research on the signs of the times, the Malta Catholic Youth Network (MCYN) and the Justice and Peace Commission, to understand better the attitudes of young people in society… Read more »

Justice and Faith

André P. DeBattista

One of Pope John Paul II’s most impressive speeches  was in Agrigento, Sicily when on May 9, 1993 he categorically condemned the mafia and all associations related to the mafia. He described the Sicilians as a people who love and cherish life and who, therefore, cannot live in the shadow of an organization that promotes the culture of death… Read more »

The Future of Europe

A call for dialogue as a key to just transitions

“Life, for all its confrontations, is the art of encounter”

Fratelli Tutti, 215

1) Context: Over the coming years, European Union citizens are called to contribute to the Conference on the Future of Europe. This initiative, a joint project of the European

Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (EU), 

will open a wide-ranging debate on the coming decade for the EU and beyond… Read more »

A Christian Vision for the European Parliament

When we speak about a Christian vision for European politics, for many, the first thought which springs to mind is  the Church’s objection to abortion.  Undoubtedly, the murder of the innocent is a very important consideration, but, a political vision built on just one aspect, is a myopic vision.

The Christian is called to participate actively in the various aspects of  political life.  The Second Vatican Council, through the document Gaudium et Spes, reminds us in the words of Saint Augustine, which describe the Catholic as a citizen of two cities, that is a heavenly city and the earthly one.  This document encourages the Catholic “to fulfil justly their duty here on earth, guided by the spirit of the Gospel”, and it emphasises that “those Christians whom do not fulfil their responsibilities within our society, they would be lacking from their duties towards their neighbours, and moreover towards God Himself…”[1] It’s the same faith that obliges every Christian to participate in political life, everyone depending on his call… Read more »

Justice & Peace Commission: A United Europe for the Common Good

Fid‑dawl tal‑elezzjonijiet tal‑Parlament Ewropew u tal‑Kunsilli Lokali f’Mejju li ġej, il‑Kummissjoni Ġustizzja u Paċi ħejjiet dokument ta’ riflessjoni bbażat fuq it‑tagħlim soċjali tal‑Knisja. Dan għandu jservi ta’ għodda sabiex l‑Insara jkomplu jaqdu d‑dmirijiet u r‑responsabbiltajiet tagħhom fis‑soċjetà, li ma jibdewx u jispiċċaw fil‑mument tal‑votazzjoni imma jkomplu fil‑ħajja ta’ kuljum. Id‑dokument jinsab fuq il‑websajt tal‑Arċidjoċesi ta’ Malta

Id‑dokument, li jittratta fost l‑oħrajn temi soċjali u ambjentali li jolqtu s‑soċjetà Maltija u dik Ewropea, hu mmirat sabiex jintuża mis‑saċerdoti fil‑preparazzjoni għall‑omeliji tal‑Ħdud matul ir‑Randan, kif ukoll minn dawk li f’dan iż‑żmien jixtiequ jagħrblu l‑kuxjenza tagħhom u jirriflettu fuq l‑irwol tagħhom bħala Nsara fis‑soċjetà… Read more »

Called to work for Justice and Peace

In a document published one month from the day that journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated in a premeditated attack on our society, the Church Commission for Justice and Peace urged all citizens to reflect on the current state of our society, to take concrete action to work for the common good and to promote peace.

The Commission said it is no doubt necessary to pray and ask God for the gift of his peace… Read more »