In the run-up to the European Parliament elections, which will be held in Malta on the 8th of June, the Justice and Peace Commission is offering a 60-minute workshop addressed at 16–18-year-old post-secondary students, on “EU elections: our civic and Christian responsibility to bother”.

During this workshop which can be held for groups of up to 50 young people at a time, participants will be able to reflect on the values – inspired by Catholic Social Teaching – on which the European Union is founded and encouraged to do their part in safeguarding and promoting these values in the concrete reality of Europe today.

After completing this first workshop, those groups who wish to delve deeper into the subject will be offered two add-on workshops:

  1. EU elections: what impact? How EU politics effects our daily lives (45mins)
  2. EU elections: my impact? Going beyond the vote to introduce the European Citizens’ Initiative (60mins)

For more information, please contact Mark Cachia on [email protected] or +356 21242450.