If you are between 18-30 years old, interested in socio-political issues, and would like to contribute towards the building of a more just and fair society, this project is for you!

If you believe that:

  • Positive change in society is possible, and starts with our individual participation,
  • Giving up is not an option,
  • Politics, when directed towards the common good, is one of the highest forms of charity,

we invite you to register your interest in “HopeGen”.

Although we are provided, on a daily basis, with ample reasons to be discouraged and to give up, HopeGen is addressed at those who still dare to hope and who wish to be a positive force of change in society. By unearthing the often-hidden treasures of Catholic Social Teaching, HopeGen will provide the required space and the necessary tools for young participants to be “sowers of hope, builders of bridges and agents of dialogue and harmony” (Pope Francis) in this wounded world of ours.

Following the publication of the Youth Engagement Study which analysed socio-political trends among youths, the Malta Catholic Youth Network (MCYN) and the Justice and Peace Commission are once again partnering up to offer this year-long journey of community-building, formation and accompaniment in active and responsible citizenship.

If you are interested in learning more about HopeGen visit hopegen.church.mt.