This week all Christians come together to pray for Christian Unity that is to fulfil Christ’s wish that all those who believe in His message are united (John 17, 20-21). This comes at a time, when our unity even within the Catholic Church is increasingly challenged.  

In the search for Christian Unity and reconciliation we are often challenged to rethink how we perceive the other’s traditions and cultures.  This demands the need of a ‘Sensitive Heart’.  Compassion, understanding and social commitment towards the environment, the poor, the emarginated are the beliefs that unite nations, cultures and even religions. Rather than focusing on what makes us different, realising that we have many aims in common, eradicates the pejorative views of others and will draw us closer to unity. 

This thought was also reflected in Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna’s message for this week. He reflected on the need of Christians to be witnesses to the kindness, generosity and hospitality, which the Maltese gave to the Apostle Paul and to the other people shipwrecked on the islands.

Opening our hearts to the other will strengthen the trust and respect between Christians.  By overcoming what divides us we could join forces for the good of mankind and our common home.​