An Economy for the Common Good

Workers’ Day 2020

This year’s celebration of Workers’ Day occurs in a somewhat unique context. A context in which the question of work is more pronounced than ever before. In the last weeks, many of us have experienced a complete change in the way we work. Some are working from home, for some it is impossible to work, and others have ended without a job. Then there are those whose work our society relies on, and whose contribution we cannot do without. 

The situation has made us question what truly is essential in our lives, and what value we are giving those whose work is essential at the moment… Read more »



Inthis time of crisis, described by many as a war footing of historical significance, when the country is shutting down and preparing for the days ahead, we urge the authorities to take further concrete measures to ensure that people living in poverty are not left without the basic necessities for a dignified life.

We are extremely concerned about the impact that the coronavirus outbreak will have on the most vulnerable members of our society… Read more »

Economy of Francesco: Young People, a commitment, the future.

In today’s global economic circumstances, both the environment and human dignity are at stake, with concerns for the well-being of current and future generations. The current growth models are incapable of guaranteeing respect for the environment, openness to life, family concerns, social equality, and workers’ dignity.  This is reflected in the teaching of Pope Francis, who has vigorously criticized the pathological state of the global economy, referring to it as an “economy that kills”… Read more »

Budget 2020: Thinking of the long-term common good

In the light of the recently published Pre-Budget Document 2020, ‘Sustaining Inclusive Growth’, the Church’s Justice and Peace Commission welcomes the Government’s invitation for feedback and has formulated a number of observations and recommendations, which it is hereby presenting for further consideration. The recommendations have been categorised in three groupings tied to the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and also through direct stakeholder consultations with Church organisations working with various societal groups… Read more »

The Catholic identity is love – Resisting a politics of hate and exclusion: a Catholic counter narrative

Following an increase in support for far-right movements, some of which base their arguments on the need to protect our ‘Catholic identity’ as well as recent statements by the Guardian for Future Generations, who justified his call to exclude migrants and Muslims in particular by invoking his desire to live and die in a Catholic country,[1] the Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Malta feels the need to speak out on our duty as Catholics to resist politics of hate and exclusion.Across the globe, various forms of politics of exclusion are increasingly taking root… Read more »

Renewing the way we look at progress

The Justice and Peace Commission believes that the financial prosperity currently experienced should translate into a better quality of life for all. In its document with proposals prior to the upcoming 2019 Budget, the Commission presented recommendations in relation to five major focus areas: transport, environment, health, affordable housing and migration.

Transport:More long-term solutions rather than quick fixes are needed. These could include improvement of our infrastructure to allow public transport, carpooling, walking and cycling, to truly become valid alternatives to private vehicles… Read more »

A holistic vision is needed that leads to a better quality of life

The Commission for Justice and Peace recognizes that the 2018 Budget introduces a number of positive and encouraging measures. These include the waste and plastic bottles scheme to address the environmental impact of waste disposal, public transportation, domestic violence, adoption and fostering.

The Commission acknowledges that the Budget addresses some issues that impact on the quality of life, for example an added day of leave for all workers… Read more »