Some years ago, during a meeting with Christian Life Communities members, Pope Francis had wondered if, as Catholics, we have a tendency to look at politics from the balcony. However, according to the Pope, our place is not to watch from a balcony but to get involved and give it our best.

Inspired by these words and by Yahad, which was recently issued by the Justice and Peace Commission, during the last few months a number of workshops were organized for St Aloysius College educators. The majority of these meetings were held in the Refectory at the Archbishop’s Curia.

During these meetings, participants appreciated the opportunity of having this space to share with each other their experiences, dreams and frustrations in this field of active citizenship and how all this can and should be linked to our Christian faith.

At the end of each session, Mark Cachia who led these workshops, briefly explained the vision of the Justice and Peace Commission as outlined in Yahad. He also invited participants to think about concrete ways in which they can bring about a positive change on an individual level and also as a community of educators.