Can faith contribute towards fairer economic growth?

Sara Portelli, Giovann Mamo, Dorianne Buttigieg, Marthese Farrugia, Carmen Mamo, Maria Cardona

Economy and religion are rarely associated with each other.  However, the implications of true faith extend deeply into our practical way of living including the economic dimension.  Thus,  faith advocates for a fair distribution of goods and discusses the relationship between production, wealth and the environment. Faith prompts us to ask whether we are making good use of the means provided to us and what it means to live a life in fulfillment of human dignity… Read more »

Appreciating our elderly

Whilst the general consensus is such that living to an old age is a blessing, not a curse, the recent spike in Covid-19 deaths has given rise to a heated debate about our elderly and their role within society. Listening to the ever-increasing number of deaths of old people, one will most definitely come across remarks which show a lack of empathy as we blame the natural cycle of life for their death… Read more »

“You give them something to eat”

In his reflection on last Sunday’s gospel reading, Pope Francis dwelled on the moment when at sundown, the disciples invited Jesus to send the crowd away so that they could go and find something to eat. Jesus answered: “You give them something to eat”. The disciples obviously couldn’t imagine how they could feed that enormous crowd.

Focusing less on the actual miracle, and more on the attitude Jesus requires from his disciples, the Pope explains that this was Jesus’ way to educate them and us in God’s logic.  ‘The logic of taking responsibility for others… Read more »

We Overcome a Racist Culture When We All Play Our Part

No one can think of what happened on 25 May and remain unfazed. George Floyd, an African-American man was killed while in police custody in the state of Minneapolis, USA.

Floyd’s case is not an isolated one. He is added to the list of several others who were killed simply because their skin is black.

We would be deceived if we were to think that this is just a phenomenon that only affects the US… Read more »