In Yahad, the Justice and Peace Commission reflects on the wounds of our society, before proposing a number of tools from Catholic Social Teaching which can help us build a more just and reconciled society.

In order to bring this reflection to different groups of people, a number of resources based on ‘Yahad’ are being prepared. ‘Called to care: Why politics is not just someone else’s problem’ is the first Yahad resource which is being made available. It consists of three short workshops, each lasting around 20 minutes. The main aim of these workshops is to help participants understand the huge importance of political participation in our society. In different ways, and according to the particular circumstances of each individual, we are all called to lend a hand to ensure that the dignity and rights of everyone, especially of the most vulnerable, are always safeguarded and respected.

As a Commission, in the next few months, we will be proposing these workshops primarily to teachers and educators in Church Schools. However, these resources can obviously be used and adapted to different settings – including with groups of young people and secondary/post-secondary students.

For more information, send an email to: [email protected]