Peace & Solidarity

Exploring the Encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti’

The Encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” is a potent expression of faith in times of doubt, a call for hope in times of fear and a challenge to love. This Encyclical is a blend of Franciscan themes and Ignatian discernment, combined with the Catholic Social Teaching. The Encyclical invites us to an affective, reflective and imaginative relationship with the variety of ideas and arguments it presents to us… Read more »

Pope encourages Justice & Peace Commissions to work with hope, determination, and creativity

Daniel Darmanin and Mark Cachia from Justice and Peace (Malta) joined other participants from Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia in an online conference for Justice and Peace Commissions which was hosted on Wednesday 17th November by the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

Following the establishment of the Dicastery for the Service of Integral Human Development in 2016, the need has emerged for a dialogue with ecclesial bodies working for justice and peace, especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and in the light of the Encyclicals Laudato Si’ and Fratelli tutti… Read more »

An Option that’s not Optional: The Preferential Option for the Poor

One of the major themes in Catholic social teaching in recent decades has been the preferential option for the poor. The phrase was first used in the late 60s by the then superior general of the Jesuits, Father Pedro Arrupe, in a letter to his order. The term was later picked up by the Catholic bishops of Latin America, who emphasized the use of option as a verb rather than as a noun, before becoming one of the main principles which guides the reflection and action of Christians in today’s world… Read more »

Hopelessness is contagious. But so is hope.

When asked which part of the world they would rather live in, only around 27% of youths interviewed in a recent survey chose Malta.

In the upcoming General Election, 16-year-olds will for the first time have the right to vote. And yet, this same cohort is telling us that they would rather vote with their feet – by leaving the country – than at the polling booth… Read more »

Integral Ecology – overcoming the social and environmental crisis

Next weekend delegates from more than twenty national Justice and Peace Commissions in Europe will take part either in person or online in the annual International Workshop and General Assembly of the Catholic network, Justice and Peace Europe. Daniel Darmanin, President of the Justice and Peace Commission (Malta) will be attending these meetings. The theme of this year’s International workshop is: “Integral ecology – overcoming the social and environmental crisis”… Read more »

Falling into oblivion

Dozens of people trying to climb aboard the wings of a US Air Force C-17 while taxiing at Kabul Airport. Seconds after take-off, at least two people fell from the landing gear to a horrible death.

This is the dramatic footage which probably best represents the sense of chaos and despair which has descended on Afghanistan and its capital Kabul in the last few days, after the Taliban’s stunning takeover of the country… Read more »

The war in Israel – a story of injustice and terror

“I’m Dina, I am proud to have lived through these hardships, I am proud to be Palestinian”

The world watches as fighting continues to escalate between Israel and Hamas, the militant group that runs the Gaza strip. This war, which has been raging for eight days, has already killed 192 people, including 58 innocent children.

Tension between Israel and Gaza has been escalating for months… Read more »

Simplicity is the Key for a flourishing family and a thriving society

On this day dedicated to the family, we ought to take some time to stop and reflect on this very important reality that forms the bedrock of our society. It is within the family that one learns that mutual respect, justice, dialogue and love are essential for successful coexistence.  If one proves to be responsible and to practice solidarity in the “little things”, it will be more likely to do so “in big things” too.  The family thereby makes an irreplaceable contribution to the “humanization of society” (C… Read more »

The quest for social justice in our society: an integral step in the path for peace

  • Synopsis
  • The human person, not the ‘god of money’, must be at the centre of our social and economic systems, if social justice is to prevail.This is the key message of a document published by the Justice and Peace Commission and the Emigrants’ Commission of the Archdiocese of Malta to mark World Day of Social Justice, today February 20th. On this day we are reminded that poverty is real and that some amongst us are struggling to survive, and that we are called to take concrete action to combat poverty in all its forms…
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